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Live It Card Number Location How I Lived It
2010 Live 5863 1519

Palos Heights, IL
2010 Live 5863 1579

Palos Heights, IL
2010 Live 5863 1580

Palos Heights, IL
2010 Live 5863 1781

Palos Heights, IL
2010 Live 5863 1782

Palos Heights, IL
2010 Live 5863 1895

Palos Heights, IL
2010 LIVE 5863 1195

Philadelphia, PA

A great person shared an inspiring gift when I needed it. I want to do the same for someone when they need a lift out of the blue.

2010 LIVE 5863 1241

2010 live 5863 1243

Tinley park

A very young couple had their second child. I then went out and purchased clothing for the baby, due to the fact they have nothing.

2010 LIVE 5863 1214

orland park

I got this act of kindness card from ammi peters and she shared how it worked and she gave it to me for buying coffee and i am totally inspired to get more and give many out to help and move this awesome cause and concept