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2010 Live 5863 1008

Driving to a meeting tonight I drove past a stalled car. I had a heart tug to turn around and ask if they needed help. I did and it was a young lady with her daughter in the car. They ran out of gas. She had already called her father but it would be approximately 20 minutes. I told her that I would help take them to a gas station. We drove to the nearby Costco. Ironically they don't sell gas cans but there was one left there. The young attendant was trying to open it with the help of another customer but unfortunately they were unable to open the can. The other customer recommend we go to Pep Boys and buy a gas can. We did and drove back to Costco. The attendant allowed us to purchase the gas (he was aware that I was helping her) even though we were not members. The lady only had cash on her and we could only purchase with a credit/debit card. So I offered to and she wanted to pay me the cash but I shared In The Spirit of Love organization with her (I'm a member of this amazing organization) and asked that she not worry about paying me and just share this card forward!! I know that I blessed her but seeing the young attendant and male customer try to open a broken gas can for us was just priceless. Beautiful hearts around us.

City and state where you "lived" the kindness / love: 
Palos Heights, IL