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Help Support Our Mission Trip

On October 11, 2016, In the Spirit of Love volunteers will be departing on a mission trip to the island of Abaco within the Bahamas for seven days. In the Spirit of Love Foundation is a 501c3 that serves the United States and other countries in providing support and care for those in need. The purpose of this trip is to minister to the children and families within the Heal Our Land Family Crisis Center in the manner of song, providing food and clothing, as well as participating in youth activities. One of the major goals is to re-start the children's feeding program as many children go to bed hungry in the surrounding community.

We need your help to make this trip a success. For more information and to donate please CLICK HERE

Love Changing The World One Heart At A Time

Our hope is to change each heart that crosses our path allowing each person to know and believe that they ARE important in this world regardless of race, sex, religion, culture or creed. We all have hearts that beat each day and although the rhythms may vary, the function of the heart remains the same in all of us. Let’s join together as one heart and make a difference in this world.

We have found that the best way to encourage love is to walk in kindness and love in all that we do. It’s amazing the impact on another's life when we genuinely step forward to help, asking for nothing in return. It brings healing and hope to those who previously could not see past their troubles.

Small acts of love accomplished with a compassionate heart will change the neighborhood in which you live. At every moment of each day we have the opportunity to help change the world. You are called to do more.

In the Spirit of Love encourages you to do an act of love - "something kind, thoughtful and unexpected for someone else". No need to wait for a special occasion, when you unexpectedly perform an act of kindness for someone else it not only increases the love within their heart but will increase the love within your heart too.

Will you join us in becoming the biggest love campaign recorded in history?

With MUCH Love,

In the Spirit of Love Team

PS - Visit our Downloads page for FREE note cards to help Keep the Love Going!